Possibility of doing a tandem flight

This is not a "must" but it is definitely a plus when it is offered. A tandem flight with instructor commentary, after having done approximately half of the lessons, can greatly enhance the pilot´s understanding of the paragliding sport. This is definitely not a lost investment. Even better if such a flight is already included in the service offer.

At the AIR-ACADEMY this is part of the offer, see "Tandem Flights"“

Re-training at no additional cost

Sometimes the weather does not cooperate and plans need to be changed. In this case the re-training needs to be free of charge. Especially if you have to take vacation leave in the mountains in order to absolve the high altitude flights, the re-training should not be another cost factor.

This goes without saying at AIR-ACADEMY!

Training slopes, alternative training areas

Ideally the training slope should allow launches into different wind directions so that we are not completely dependent on only wind direction. Sayings such as: "When the wind comes from behind, you need to run faster!" are only funny for the first two days. Alternatve training areas should ideally be close to the training slope. Another important factor is the infrastructure in training area. What bad weather options are there? Are there sufficient alternative activities possible in the area? Ideally the area should also offer options for non-flying accommpanying partners / family members if the joint holiday is to be successful.

All of AIR ACADEMY´S locations lie within Austria´s highly frequented tourism destinations and thus offer not only the most modern lifts and lauch sites but also a variety of top wellness options and a wide range of other leisure facilities.

Maneuvers for fast descent

During your training flights you most probably will not find yourself in a situation where you may seek a fast descent. Nevertheless you should have learnt the theoretical basics during your training. Maneuvers such as Big Ears should be part of your practical training course.

This is standard at the AIR-ACADEMY.

Number of instructors

During your training of altitude flights having an instructor at the launch as well as the landing site is a must. During the basic training this may not be essential, a skilled instructor may be able to keep an eye on the launch as well as the landing sites if the slope is not higher than 100 meters in height. However, having two instructors even in the basic setting is definitely not drawback.

During the training of altitude flights AIR ACADEMY offers two instructors at the setting - ALWAYS!

Assistance via radio and video

It is important that the video material is not only for vacation memories but that it is used for error analysis and to eradicate any mistakes the pilot is making. The radio should be provided by the flying school free of charge.

AIR-ACADEMY´s radio sets, including modern headsets, remain with the pupil pilot for the entire duration of the training.

Modern equipment, harness with protectors

The equipment used by the school should be current. This doesn´t mean that the absolute newest gliders need to be used for schooling. However, the training environment is no place for ultra-old gliders and harnesses with no protectors.

Most recent, modern standard according to the DHV with the required seal of qualitiy go without saying at AIR-ACADEMY.

Price transparency

When it comes to flying schools cheap isn´t always the best choice. In order for you to be able to gauge the financial commitment, the school´s price structure should be transparent and additional costs such as lift charges should be pointed out during the altitude training course.

AIR-ACADEMY guarantees best value for money and fair processes.

Group size of maximum 10 persons

A training slope can easily hold 20 persons for an introductory course during high season. For the training course for altitude flights the group size should be no larger than 15 people. Otherwise the waiting times at the launch site can become uncomfortable and also the quality of the schooling can be diminished when the group is too large.

AIR-ACADEMY only allows up to 10 people per course.

Detailed theory lessons in all specialist fields with a focus on meteorology.

When theory lessons take place at the local pub it´s time to think twice about the chosen flying school. Every good flying school should be able to offer a proper classroom with an overhead and video projector, a TV and video/DVD player.

The AIR-ACADEMY - classroom offer you the most modern technical equipment designed for schooling purposes.

Some flying schools offer their own theory scripts and it´s a nice gesture if they hand these out even before the first theory lesson.

We hand out the theory material during the very first theory lesson.

During the course a weather briefing and debriefing should be daily routine. Not all flying schools offer this, Considering the importance of being able to read the weather phenomena, however, every student should either push for this type of information at their school or should consider changing schools.

Our instructors offer this type of briefing at the start of every day of schooling.