Advance Training

Tandem license


Tandem License Part A

Course by appointment

Course for Tandem license, introductory flights + 10 high altitude flights under instructor surveillance

Intensive theoretical course with examination!


Tandem License Part B

Total of 30 high altitude flights

Flights under order of the school with a passenger that has the paragliding license, with own equipment

Preparation for the exam flights!

Completion: Tandem license


  • Flying tandem is pure pleasure! To show a friend or member of the family what the world looks like from above, is truly invigorating! However, tandem flying also means taking a lot of responsibility. Therefore we reserve the right to only educate and train pilots to become a tandem pilot that show maturity and discipline - as well as the mandatory prerequisites.

Advanced Paragliding License

You have alrady gained some practical experience in thermalling and long-distance flying but you seem a little stuck and aren´t sure how to further improve your skills? Or maybe you are interested in competition flying? In both cases this is the perfect course for you. You will be learning valuable tips and tricks. Meteorological analysis, tactics for long-distance flying and planning, choosing the right launch time, GPS documentation and much more will be on the curriculum for this week. We plan this seminar in one fo the Alp´s best long-distacne flying arenas (Nordpark, Zillertal). Depending on the weather we may also expand to other areas in the Alps. You may also want to optimize your equipment for the task ahead - we will be happy to assist you!


  • Inkl. Meteorological briefing
  • Inkl. Theory lessons
  • Inkl. Pick up and return
  • Inkl. Instructor supervision
  • Inkl. Radio assistance
  • Inkl. Photo-CD
  • Excl. costs for train/taxi
  • Excl. launch or landing fees
  • Excl. overnight expenses

Duration: 3 Days

Price: € 190,-

Safety Training

Do you want to get to know your glider better?

Do you want to practice and perfect assymetric tucks, spiralling, negative twist and other technical maneuvers?

Then you have come to the right place at the Air Academy!

We offer the perfect training program and flights for everybody - under radio surveillance!

In oder to achieve the best learning effect, we will analyse all flown maneuvers via video analysis.


Place: Annecy / France

Duration: 1 Week

Price: 590€ excl. accommodation.

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