Our roots…

…lie deep within the flying sports. Allrounder by definition. The name Human Eagle was born in 2003 when a handfull of pilots formed a team together. The passion for free flying was the common denominator of this team.

The team´s trademark is their allround qualities. Be it base jumping, speedflying, skydiving or acro paragliding – all disciplines are trained and mastered on the highest level! The team became well-known also because of the stunts they performed for the Hollywood giant Paramount Pictures in 2005 when Alban was made responsible for the stund coordination and also acted in a supporting role. Working with film stars such as Gerard Depardieu, LL Cool J and with Paramount, definitely account for some of the most exciting experiences!

We are now eager to share our knowledge and our experience with you in our flying school which was founded in 2007! 365 days per year! Know-how, vast experience and the strive for perfection are what define us and make this company so unique and valuable.